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This was the beginning of the most amazing meal of my life. Sushi Kaji Japanese restaurant. Prepare to be photobombed! Later… The movie’s starting now. Advertisements

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Okay, I’ll admit it, the 650i Gran Coupe is pretty damn sexy. Actually, I like it best of all the so-called ‘4-door coupes’. Yes, that means I like it more … Continue reading

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Kia Forte taillight highlights. Yes, this car costs less than $30K.

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Spotted one big #Lincoln #Continental #Convertible at the park. #pimpin’

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Getting my first photo shoot of the #Audi #S4 done.

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Three pedals, six gears, four driven wheels, three hundred thirty three hp. Mine for the next couple months.

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Another view of the #Kia #Forte. That is one fine-looking vehicle from this angle Still not as nice as the Optima, though.

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The new 2014 Kia Forte has made a good first impression so far. Cooled seats are a welcome relief on hot day!

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Whoa! This thing has some serious acceleration… All that low-end torque. #startemyoung #mustang #toycar #firstdrive

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My daughter, like a #Boss! Nice day for a drive in a convertible. #Mustang #GT #notreally

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