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The other day we went to East Side Mario’s for my birthday. Lame, I know, but I wanted a place that I would be comfortable taking Emily and not feel out of place or disruptive to others when she gets bored with her food and starts screaming up a storm, which she seems to be doing a lot of lately. Plus, It’s about one minute from our house, and I’m just that lazy.

Anyhow, East Side Mario’s is one of those places that gives every kid a few crayons and something to draw on. We have about 682 crayons from these various restaurants. Well, now we have 681, because the day after we ate at ESM’s, I saw the three crayons and figured she could play with them and draw all over herself, her car seat and the windows on the way to Grandma’s, who is, essentially, our daycare.

Somewhere on the way to Lola’s (Lola being the Filipino word fro Grandma, not some risqué daycare), we ended up one crayon down and the other crayons stripped of their wrappers and decorating the car seat and floor. I just love cleaning crayon wrappers that have been shredded to confetti out of car seats and their surrounding crevices… but we had to get to work, so I just dropped her off with her two remaining crayons and forgot about it.

This morning, as I’m cleaning out the car in anticipation of another vehicle exchange, I’m pulling out a near empty water bottle and it’s rattling for some reason. I shake it around and take a look and voila, The Third Crayon (I’m envisioning a noir children’s mystery story). Emily had stashed her crayon (and possibly others) in the water bottle, which is why I couldn’t find it.

I should have known.

Our daughter is an obsessive redistributor. Give her food on a plate and she will spoon it into her cup, give her a bowl with raisins and she will spread them all over the stairs; give her a water bottle and she will try to share it with the floor. But by far her favourite is the first. She might behave and take the first few bites of her (second) dinner without intercession, but after that she gets creative, trying to bite the middle out of anything large, rearranging food off her plate, but mostly trying to hone her fork and spoon skills by transferring anything not drilled down into a cue, but even more fun is a bottle, or taking sips from her drink and adding it to her plate or bowl. Is our cooking really that dry? I don’t think so…

And I can’t help but wonder if that’s how I earned my toddler nickname of “Jonny in the Bottle” from my older half-brother Gideon. So maybe it’s hereditary — I do love organizing and reorganizing (some) things.

Anyhow, it’s a constant adventure in food management, so it keeps us on our toes and enjoying the challenge of mealtimes fending our girl off from her latest obsession.

Oh, and as to the food at East Side Mario’s? My chicken, goat cheese and roasted red pepper pizza was greasy but tasty, my sister’s scallops wrapped in bacon in her pasta dish were a bit too singed, but the Italian Wedding Soup is actually okay, and my mom scored with her Chicken Canelloni… I knew I should have ordered Lasagna. Well, lesson learned — next time we’ll find the time to go to Terroni like I originally wanted to.


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