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Family portrait at 346 meters. Advertisements

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Sunday morning at the Yarkonys with the @lego #SpeedChampions @ford#Raptor set.

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Hockey season is almost here. Time for training camp.

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Birthday (week) breakfast with the family at School Bakery & Café. Helvetica rocks! (at Liberty Village)

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The daffodils are saying spring, but the snow and wind are saying ‘screw you’…

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“Yeah, what are you lookin’ at?” My #daughter acting aloof in the #audi #s4 #toocoolforschool #tooyoungtoo

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Emily being cuddly with Isaac. She’s been really good with him so far.

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Emily’s new haircut. I love it. She wasn’t so sure about it, but I think she’s coming around because of all the compliments…

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Chillin’… In the sink, havin’ a bath. How you doin’?

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Who’s a smiley little guy?

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